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    Annelise Heriteau

    Occupational Therapist

    After qualifying as an occupational therapist in 1999, I spent a number of years in the hospital sector working with adults and elderly patients, and then practised for 14 years in a children’s facility.

    To Centre qap I bring the technical expertise I have acquired not only during my professional training but more especially through my work with the many children and their families who have placed their trust in me over the years. Occupational therapy always gives me a deep sense of professional fulfilment – observing, evaluating, and discovering together the springboards and supports that allow a child to develop their abilities, building on their strong points while working around aspects where they feel less secure.

    Occupational therapy is a tangible, hands-on, meaningful process designed to help children and their families. It takes the child’s particular situation and environment into account to maximise their potential according to their ambitions and sources of motivation.

    Joining the Centre qap team at this point in my career brings the opportunity for independent practice with greater freedom than in an institutional setting, while at the same time preserving the crucial team dynamics and multidisciplinary exchange that ensure families receive coordinated, high-quality services.