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Our therapies

What we offer

At Centre qap we offer both traditional and innovative care in a multidisciplinary context.

All our therapies, whether on a regular or intensive basis, are adapted to each child’s specific needs.

This wide range of therapy ensures each child receives personalised, targeted support in line with their needs.

Intensive therapy is designed to complement the regular treatment that takes place throughout the year.

This concept is inspired by care programmes available in other countries – and also nearer to home in Zurich, at the Affoltern paediatric rehabilitation centre, with which we already work.

The Centre is also firmly committed to applying to the best advantage all current known and effective therapies, while keeping abreast of and introducing innovative treatments. This is therefore not an exhaustive list of therapies, and the Centre expects to be expanding its range of treatments.

The Centre also works with external health professionals in nutrition, virtual reality and education.

Why intensive therapy?

Intensive therapy – completed over a few weeks and repeated at intervals during the year – brings very encouraging results in terms of the children’s progress.

A child who comes to us with a difficulty of some kind can be likened to an elite athlete.

Both set themselves specific objectives to be reached in a particular length of time. Both hope to dramatically improve their condition and performance through a personalised, intensive training programme.

Our children at qap are little elite athletes who need encouragement, love, patience and the right tools to give them every chance.

These little champions put in the same hard work as an elite athlete as they climb their own personal mountains.

Like athletes, to overcome the hurdles and step up to the next rung of the ladder, they need to alternate periods of intensive training with phases of recovery.